Here at The GracePlace we are a Spirit-led family seeking to KNOW God, GROW in faith, and GO serve others and share Jesus Christ. 

Despite how different each of us may be, we believe in 1 Corinthians 12 that we are all many parts needed to work together to make up one body in Christ.  Being a part of God's church means we love God first and foremost, others second, and we are constantly finding ways to make disciples in the world.  Therefore, we want everyone involved and serving God's kingdom and His church.

Find how you can get involved and how you can join us in making disciples, maturing yourself and your family as disciples, and leading others to make and mature disciples.  Click below to learn more on the part of discipleship you are interested in.

We invite you to experience God and the freedom He offers us through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Come know the love and power of Jesus Christ and learn how to begin a new life with Jesus as your Savior.  Matthew 16:15-16

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We invite you to move from simply knowing Jesus Christ to connecting with a local church family and growing in your faith by training you to be a disciple and to make other disciples of Jesus Christ.  Luke 9:23

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We invite you to put your training into practice by serving others and making disciples in your homes, your church family, your community, and everywhere you go.
Matthew 28:19

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